Australia Student Visa

In addition to Australia's points system, which encourages skilled migration, Australian regulations allow all international students completing an Australian degree to remain in the country for 18 months upon graduating. Students can earn bonus points for skilled work experience and English-language proficiency in addition to those already earned for Australian qualifications, under amendments to the General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM). Previously international students were exempt from work experience requirements when applying for general skilled migration, but new legislation introduced on September 1, 2007 requires authorities to provide 'temporary visas' to enable applicants such experience.

These changes have been made to strengthen links between study, work experience and employment in order to ensure skilled migrants have the skills that Australian employers are looking for. The main rationale behind these schemes is the desire for Australia to benefit from the skills of foreign graduates. It should be mentioned that students no longer have the option to remain in Australia following the completion of a masters degree for the purposes of work, it is now necessary to re-apply under specific sponsorship.

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