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Counseling Services

Our research capabilities include a complete database of the thousands of graduate, undergraduate and also specialization programs and their admissions standards currently available in the abroad countries. Depending upon the type of services the client desires, we will provide up‐to‐the‐minute, accurate background information on the institution(s) of their choice. Included in the research process are enrollment information, criteria for admissions, and a thorough explanation of the program(s) offered through each institution. Our team of experts assures you the best services.

Application Process

Connecting Wings will assist students with the application process, including how to obtain the necessary documents, such as entrance Visas and financial statements, which are required by each university or college? Upon completion of the application, we provide additional assistance by reviewing the application and, if necessary, make appropriate suggestions and recommendations to ensure a polished, professional application. In addition, also included in the application process, Connecting Wings will assure that all applications and the accompanying documents are promptly forwarded to the appropriate institution.

Client Support

There will be a continuous follow‐up to facilitate communication between our staff, agent, and the client. Our Counselors will be available to answer questions and to provide clients with on‐site support so the client can be kept up‐to‐date with the progress of their application. Our dedication to our clients does not stop when clients are accepted by their desired institutions; we offer the client full support, and solve their problems else necessary to make it as painless as possible to achieve their goal.

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